Our factory, PT Baguda Wear Banyuwangi which is located in Banyuwangi, Indonesia,
has an annual production capacity of more than 75,000 units. We pride ourselves in our
workmanship, and our attention to quality. Our production staff takes the finest raw
materials, follows strict quality standards, and manufactures the hundreds of unique
styles that distinguish Baguda Wear from our competition. Besides our creative styling,
we also have a group of sample development team who can also work with individual
customers to come up with styles that will meet their specifications and requirements.

The factory is structured in such a way that it can produce big volume in line system
as well as small test orders in group systems. Our workforce is dedicated, disciplined
and dynamic and competitively paid and the average age of the workforce is well below
30 years old.

The orders can be exported via Surabaya airport and seaport or Denpasar Airport, Bali
which offers a wide variety of airlines choices. Indonesia with 219.9m (U.N. 2003) of
population; is reputable for its light weight leather raw materials and has abundant supply
of skins and leathers. It has a very well developed tanning industry with the support of
leather tanning university as well as the tanning experience and skills which are required
to manufacture world class leather quality. Its workforce is well trained and has great
exposure with the latest tanning technology. Its workforce in the tanning industry is
creative, dedicated, disciplined and competitively paid.

Our factory is close to the source of leather and suede supply which is a key competitive
advantage over most of our competitors.